The Northwest Education Cluster is managed by Jim Snyder.¬† Since August, 2003, more than three dozen Northwest area companies have been networking to learn about each other’s businesses, discover synergies, and explore the potential of the education/training industry as an economic driver for the city and its metro area. The companies include e-learning businesses, content providers, testing and evaluation services, learning management system authors, and many others at various stages of business maturity.

This site is a repository for our activities and common knowledge. It is also our showcase to the world, strutting our stuff to potential customers and employees worldwide. This site was sponsored by GatherEducation and created by Jake Rudin.

Read the article Clustering, Competing Globally and the Northwest Education Cluster
By Geraldine M. Power that was written for the SAO. It gives a great background into how the cluster started

As a Cluster we will continue to explore these questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges your firm is facing operating an education business here in Oregon?
  • What makes Oregon and/or Portland an attractive place for your business?
  • What could make Portland even better for firms in the education industry?
  • What additional companies and services would you wish to attract to Portland?